In addition to our regular fitness program the Rec Club is home to an evolving roster of public events that anyone can attend. From our weekly produce markets to workshops and speciality fitness classes, check in regularly to see what’s coming up.

Friday 28th August, 6.30pm—8.00pm

My Perfect Month participants are strongly encouraged to join our specialist trainers to learn more about making the most of this brilliant 30-day program with a general overview, goal-setting and detailed advice.

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Saturday 5th September

Hosted by our specialist trainer Rory Warnock this workshop focuses on breathwork techniques to help reduce stress and anxiety and also includes flexibility and mobility exercises to help feel better in your body.

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Friday 11th September , 6.00pm—7.00pm

This in-depth workshop lead by our specialist trainer Elaine Koeber is perfect for anyone wanting to move through the world a little more lightly and feel stronger in their body, too.

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Saturday 12th September, 8.00am—10.00am

Challenge yourself in a social setting with a 7km run from the Rec Club to beautiful Bondi Beach followed by an invigorating ocean swim and soft sand drills.

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Wednesday 2nd & 16th September, 6.00—7.00am

More social than serious, our Run Club starts and ends at Paramount Recreation Club with a circuit through the city and a coffee on us afterwards.

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Thursday 24th September, 6.30—8.00am

Our open water Swim Club is held at the picturesque Murray Rose Ocean Pool at Red Leaf Beach with a 50-minute session of aerobic and anaerobic sets as well as guided technique work and drills.

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Friday 25th September, 6.00—8.00pm

Join us to reflect on your Perfect Month as we go over highlights from the program and award some very special prizes to our participants.

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Monday 28th September - 4th October

The best way to measure your My Perfect Month results. Join us for the Rec Club Benchmarking week and work with our specialist trainers to assess your current fitness level and areas you’ve improved in.

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Every Saturday, 8.30am—12.00pm

The Locals Market started small on a residential rooftop in 2013 and has found a new home among the cacti in our terrace garden. Pre-order and pick up an assortment of fresh, local produce every Saturday morning at the Rec Club.

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