Rec Club is pleased to offer digital physiotherapy consultations.  We use Physitrack — an online platform endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association — to provide the same level of exceptional care provided in the clinic.

Standard Treatment

Telehealth is a secure online video consultation service providing professional treatment in the comfort of your home. Using this service we can diagnose injuries, continue rehab regimes, supervise exercise therapy, teach in-home self-management and give comprehensive advice.


We are also offering online Ergonomic Assessments for businesses and individuals working from home.  In these assessments, our physiotherapist will advise you on how you can best set up your home office using the equipment you have available to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injury and discomfort. Additional advice and exercises will be provided for those who are experiencing issues with pain and injury.



$45 per 30-minute session. To make a booking, simply call us on 02 9211 1018. Please note, we require bookings to be made 24 hours in advance.

Ergonomic Assessment (Prevention)

$30 per 20-minute ergonomic assessment for clients who aren’t experiencing any issues and would like to prevent any injuries.

Ergonomic Assessment (Treatment)

$45 per 30-minute ergonomic assessment for clients who have a pre-existing injury or are experiencing musculoskeletal pain.

How It

Book using our app or by contacting our concierge team. We’ll send you an e-mail with simple instructions on how to prepare for your video consultation. It’s as easy as any other video call, with the option to download an associated app (mobile or tablet) or just use your web browser. Alex will call you at your chosen appointment time.


Alex is our physiotherapist. Growing up in Eastern Canada, he excelled at cross-country skiing and soccer which began his lifelong interest in health and fitness. He has experience working with all levels of athletes including beginners, weekend warriors, professionals and Olympians. Alex is also a certified strength and conditioning specialist and completed yoga teacher training at Yoga Vida in New York. He believes in individualised, evidence-based physiotherapy which educates and empowers his patients, allowing them to avoid injury in the future. Outside of the Rec Club you can find him surfing or planning his next hiking adventure.


Assess, diagnose and treat online
Secure and private platform
Continue rehab from home
Pair with personal training
Choose a day
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