We have searched Sydney and beyond to assemble a team who share our vision to create a different kind of health club. Our club trainers, instructors and practitioners are experts at what they do, which means you can relax and enjoy yourself.

Meet the Team

Strength & Conditioning
Jayde Usher

Jayde first got into fitness playing football at a young age and has spent the last thirteen years developing her skill set across health and fitness. Jayde is most passionate about mobility and strength training and brings with her a wealth of knowledge as one of our newest Senior Trainers.

Strength & Conditioning
Jared Smith

Jared is originally from the sunny Gold Coast but now calls Sydney home.

His areas of focus in the health and fitness include strength and conditioning, high-intensity training, as well as injury prevention and management. His passion for fitness has stemmed from a life of sport and is driven by the positive and long-lasting effects of health and well-being on physical and mental health. If you don’t see Jared’s smiling face around the club you will most probably find him on the beaches of Bondi, playing guitar, studying new research, or finding his next challenger in a WOD of his creation.

Strength & Conditioning
Jace Brown

Jace is one of our newest strength and conditioning specialists, with over a decade of experience in the fields of professional sport and expert coaching. First signed to the St. George Illawarra Dragons as a teenager, his love for rugby league soon brought him to France where he played with various clubs and was inspired to start coaching by meeting the country’s leading conditioning experts. He now brings his years of athletic experience to every Rec Club class, taking a holistic approach to both physical, nutritional and mental wellbeing. Outside of the Rec Club, Jace plays guitar, enjoys surfing and is a fluent French speaker.

Strength & Conditioning
Ella Michaels

Ella adopts a holistic view to all things health and well being. Her experiences in competing and coaching high levels of sport, studies in sport science and nutrition and her own health journeys bring a huge amount of knowledge to achieving and sustaining health goals. She is driven by scientific-based training and has a strict eye for correct form in the gym. Her holistic approach allows her to encourage all clients to listen to their bodies when entering the gym every session. She is able to encourage and motivate each client accordingly. 

Elaine Koeber

Having a background in Sports Physiotherapy, Elaine understands the human body and its adaptations throughout work life, professional sports, injuries and pregnancy. Her experience in playing Olympic Handball on a high level for 20 years and being a fitness coach of sports teams in Germany and Australia has given her the passion for group workouts. Reaching her 10-year anniversary of teaching Pilates and with experience in training those of all ages and fitness levels, she picks up her clients how they come in, tailors her fitness and Pilates sessions neatly to their needs and makes everyone leave with  greater strength, flexibility and posture. And a somewhat sore core, of course.

Yoga & Meditation
Rachael Roberts

Rachael is a Yoga and Meditation Teacher whose classes enable individuals to consciously shift their mind and body on an anatomical and energetic level. Her practices aim to honour the ancient tradition of Yoga through integrating traditional breath work (Pranayama), Kriya (evolutionary action), Meditation and poses/flows (Asana). Rachael is most interested in how a Yoga practice can lead to lasting effects, encouraging a sense of autonomy and creativity in her students under the principle that individuals know their bodies and what they need best. Rachael’s purpose is to support people to empower themselves in healing, transformation and growth. Coming from a background in Social Work, she is able to maintain a trauma informed perspective within her teaching style. Expect mindful movement and breathwork amongst strongly sequenced flows that leave you in a blissful Savasana at the end of class.

Tanya Veselcic

Tanya believes that yoga is the beauty of living with awareness. Her classes are a place to practice presence. To come back to your centre and learn more about yourself thought movement, breath and stillness. She hopes that her work encourages you to exercise your whole being towards openness and a greater sensitivity and receptivity in your relationship with yourself and all living things. Together the philosophy of yoga & rich cycle’s of nature continue to sculpt Tanya’s interactions with the world. She teaches from a place of wanting to empower others with these transformative tools. Distilling the rich yogic teachings into relatable topics and offering you the the tools to foster your own daily practice for mindfulness and transformation. Through the study & practice of yoga, movement and spirituality Tanya has felt a shifts towards balanced living, deep healing, and inner-radiance.

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