We have searched Sydney and beyond to assemble a team who share our vision to create a different kind of health club. Our club trainers, instructors and practitioners are experts at what they do, which means you can relax and enjoy yourself.

Meet the Team

Managing Trainer
James Jackson

James is our Managing Trainer, with an extensive background in Strength and Conditioning and personal training expertise. Growing up in a sports-orientated family between Australia and northern England, he learned the fundamental pillars of physical wellbeing from a young age. His passion for achieving his peak fitness goals has seen him play rugby league at a professional level and start his own personal training business in London before joining our brilliant team. Outside of the Rec Club, James is a keen guitarist and live music devotee.

Patty Paredes

With over eight years experience in personal training between Australia and Chile, Patty is a seasoned Pilates specialist and former professional athlete. Being both a bronze medallist in the Pan American Games and a black belt in karate, Patty will assist you in establishing long-term health and fitness goals with high energy enthusiasm. Her insatiable obsession with building her skills has seen her recently gain expertise in strength & conditioning and training female clients through pre, intra and post-natal periods of pregnancy.

Strength & Conditioning
Jace Brown

Jace is one of our newest strength and conditioning specialists, with over a decade of experience in the fields of professional sport and expert coaching. First signed to the St. George Illawarra Dragons as a teenager, his love for rugby league soon brought him to France where he played with various clubs and was inspired to start coaching by meeting the country’s leading conditioning experts. He now brings his years of athletic experience to every Rec Club class, taking a holistic approach to both physical, nutritional and mental wellbeing. Outside of the Rec Club, Jace plays guitar, enjoys surfing and is a fluent French speaker.

Yoga & Meditation
Marc Wittenberg

Marc’s approach to yoga promotes a connection between body and mind, as well as to the community and the environment. His results-driven classes are energetic and fun, releasing tension and creating calm by placing the necessary demands on the body. Trained by Duncan Peak of Power Living Yoga and currently enjoying the ongoing mentorship of Eileen Hall, Marc brings a unique depth of knowledge & experience to each of his classes.

Strength & Conditioning
Evaldo Roshan

Evaldo is one of our strength and conditioning specialists. After first stepping into the gym as a teenager, his personal passion for high-intensity workouts led him to study at the Australian College of Physical Education and work as a certified personal trainer across multiple gyms in Sydney. As the eldest of four siblings, he has developed a keen skill for mutual motivation and will assist you in performing to the very best of your abilities. From his extensive physical health knowledge to his group fitness expertise, Evaldo provides an enjoyable exercise environment in which to continually improve upon your goals.

Misch Kate

Combining years of theoretical practice and expert teaching, our cherished yoga specialist Misch’s approach is marked by respect, exploratory movement and inner calm – all designed to help her students embrace a state of complete mental, physical and emotional relaxation. Growing up on the land in North Queensland, she’s long maintained a connection to the earth and an innate sense for movement, spending her days climbing trees, wading through strange waters and only coming home once it was too dark to see snakes. As a qualified nutritionist, Misch has multidisciplinary experience in aiding others as they tap into the world of holistic wellness. Off the mat, you can find her listening to Erykah Badu or lying on the beach with a good book in hand.

Elaine Koeber

Having a background in Sports Physiotherapy, Elaine understands the human body and its adaptations throughout work life, professional sports, injuries and pregnancy. Her experience in playing Olympic Handball on a high level for 20 years and being a fitness coach of sports teams in Germany and Australia has given her the passion for group workouts. Reaching her 10-year anniversary of teaching Pilates and with experience in training those of all ages and fitness levels, she picks up her clients how they come in, tailors her fitness and Pilates sessions neatly to their needs and makes everyone leave with  greater strength, flexibility and posture. And a somewhat sore core, of course.

Maya Butti

Maya is one of our yoga specialists. With extensive expertise in nutritional medicine, natural skin therapy and multiple schools of yoga, she’s passionate about assisting her clients in finding their own version of optimal health. After first discovering the rejuvenating effects of daily yoga practice while working in the corporate sphere, her curiosity soon brought her to India to undergo formal yoga training. Returning every year to expand her knowledge and be immersed in the country’s unique culture, Maya is somewhat of a globe-trotter, speaking four languages and having lived on five continents.

Meg Williams

After studying and working as a lawyer for several years, Meg first became interested in yoga for the physical benefits and to unwind after a long day at a desk, though soon discovered there was so much more to the practice. It was the mental clarity and post-class feeling of calm that kept her coming back to her mat, and this is what she is passionate about sharing with others through her classes. Meg’s classes are designed to allow you the space to step out of your head and into your body, in the hope that you will leave the class feeling calmer and more centred.  Off the mat, you can often find Meg at the beach, reading a book in the sun, or attempting to surf (badly).

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