Step into the warmth and discover the return of the Nimbus Co. residency at Paramount Recreation Club. We invite you to sweat it out in a state-of-the-art infrared sauna set on our beautiful rooftop overlooking the city.


Infrared saunas are deeply therapeutic and our sauna provides a tranquil space to relax as well as a range of health benefits including muscle pain relief, increased metabolism and immunity, cellulite reduction and improved skin tone. It also just feels really great. Our sauna is made with organic cedarwood – a natural antimicrobial and antibacterial material and is cleaned prior to every visit.

& Bookings

Please note each appointment is for a 45-minute session and we encourage you to arrive 10-minutes prior to your booking to shower and get ready to sauna.

Single Person Session

Bring a friend
+ $15.00


Nimbus Co.

The core focus of Nimbus Co. is to offer a place that allows you to explore, nourish and remedy your body and mind at your own pace. They present you with traditional and contemporary tools and practices for you to seek space within your everyday life. Every element of Nimbus Co, from the people to the products, are carefully considered to support you to find your alignment.


With three contemporary studios located in Bondi Beach, Byron Bay & Melbourne, each space is bespoke in their offerings; housing state-of-the-art private infrared saunas, holistic health practitioners ranging from Acupuncture to Naturopathy and a select retail range for all of your wellness needs.


muscle pain relief
increased metabolism and immunity
cellulite reduction/ improved skin tone
stress reduction, better sleep

Ready to step into the warmth?