Conditioning training will improve muscle tone, burn fat and increase the efficiency of your heart and lungs. We offer boxing, rowing, running and more, so you can focus on your favourite activity or mix it up.


Conditioning is more about what is going on inside than how you look on the outside. Done well, this type of class maximises cardiovascular fitness, builds character and enhances mood in both the short term and long term.


Aerobic fitness
Anaerobic fitness
Muscle tone and endurance


Developed by our specialist instructors, our conditioning classes combine a variety of high performance techniques with a sense of play to keep you motivated. Stay on your toes and improve your midsection, arms and abs with our boxing-inspired classes or clock up some kilometres in our low-impact, high-results Paramount High classes.


Buy a casual pass or membership then book your class using our timetable, iPhone App or Android App. We recommend at least one conditioning class per week, depending on the number of Paramount Workout classes you are attending.

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