A Message
from our CEO



We opened Paramount Recreation Club in 2018, providing Sydney with a beautifully designed place for people of all types to improve their wellbeing. We set out to avoid the clichés of gym culture; over-crowded rooms, unhealthy inside-only environments with air-conditioning and neon light, aggressive behaviour and poor customer service.


The coronavirus might have changed how we live, but it doesn’t really change what the Rec Club has always provided you. That’s why we describe our post-lockdown mode as ‘the same but different’.


We still have a naturally healthy indoor/outdoor exercise pavilion – we now keep it open to the elements. We still focus on small classes – we now do them with formal social distancing measures in place. We still employ exceptional trainers – they now have more time for personal training sessions.


We have post-lockdown classes for people who have let it slide. We have different membership options that suit the new ways people are getting fit. We don’t have contracts anymore just in case coronavirus makes a comeback. We now run online classes every day of the week. We deliver Wellness Boxes and cook-at-home healthy meals to your door.


The post-pandemic Rec Club won’t be as good as the pre-pandemic Rec Club… It will be better. We hope you re-join soon so we can get you and the business we love back on a healthy footing. Our concierge team will be in touch to help.

Yours optimistically
Barrie Barton – CEO


"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can." Arthur Ashe, Wimbledon Champion